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Sunday, April 08, 2007

W+K Founders Day XXV

We've (almost) recovered from this year's Wieden+Kenndy Founders Day festivities. In celebration of 25 years of creating amazing work, the world's largest independent advertising agency went all out. To get things started, the New York office flew in and brought along the Rock Steady Crew.

After a few words by founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, slam poet Rives shared the first of several poems.

Next up was WorldChanging editor Alex Steffen who spoke about the current state of the world and how his book and website is attempting to bring about positive change.

After Steffen came my favorite speaker of the day, Cameron Sinclair, co-founder and executive director of Architecture for Humanity. He was energetic, inspiring, and most importantly, is making things happen. He showed a small share of the works they have done from Africa to New Orleans, and offered anyone who wants to design and build free room and board for two years. I'm considering it. Seriously.

After an emotional speech by Graham McReynolds about the work W+K has done for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Daniel Gilbert spoke on affective forecasting. I'm not really sure what it all meant, but his 2006 national bestseller "Stumbling on Happiness" could probably tell you.

Next was Arianna Huffington. She needed a translator.

I was really impressed with the type of speakers that were brought in for the day. Dan spoke about how important it is that we look outside the advertising world for inspiration, and by realizing the amount of impact you have in the world, you can share positive messages in an interesting human way.

Update: I'll get back with a more accurate description of the shoes shortly. I want to provide accurate credit to everyone involved. I apologize for any misinformation.

These shoes result from a collaboration between a team from Nike and a team from W+K who worked together on this project for the last year. They celebrate the 25th anniversary of W+K and their relationship during that time with Nike.

Day two: party under the big top. The carnival took place in an old bowling alley retrofitted in circus fare. There were trapeze artists, fire-breathers, magicians, fortune tellers, rides and games.

Then the curtains opened up and the Beastie Boys put on an amazing show. Might not be a bad place to work.

A huge thank you and congratulations for everyone who helped put this together. For more pictures and information on the event, please see the W+K Studio Blog.

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