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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fall down seven. Get up eight.

So I guess this is how it's gonna be. Poeple here at Wieden+Kennedy are whores for violence. And this is just one of the many projects we've been slaving away on for the blood-thirsty bastards of 12.

This is the promotional poster to get the word out for fight night. It was entirely hand-drawn, then screen printed. Success? Sell out crowd in less than 30 minutes.

It's hard not to ascribe individual credit when pieces turn out so beautiful. This teaser video comes from the AV geniuses of 12.

Chris Hornbecker took these really beautiful poloroids. This is Frank the Tank. AKA King Hippo.

This is Patrick. He put up a good fight.

We set up a regulation sized ring in the middle of the agency, and filled the entire atrium with people willing to get drunk and watch people beat the shit out of each other for a good cause.

Creative vs. Account. We knew it would come to this.

We raised thousands of dollars for charity. Buckets of blood were spilled. Happy audience. The manager of the boxing ring wants it to go down again next year.