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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fail Harder Tees Now for Sale

You too can be a walking monument to failure. Clear script typography on a white American Apparel tee is a subtle reminder to keep failure close to your heart. And just look at how much fun you can have! Thanks to Ross and Chemin for being beautiful. To get yours, send Chemin an email and let her know how many you want. At 20 bones, I'll take one!

If it doesn't show up too well on your screen, NOTCOT had some nice things to say about it. Say something nice about WK12 on your highly-visited website and we might send you a free one too.



Anonymous lilymendez said...

I saw a documentary on ad company's and came across Fail Harder. I love the concept/message behind it and I'd love to get the t-shirt. If there's anyway to do so please let me know. Thanks!

10/28/10, 12:32 AM

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